At BAETURIA we believe in many things...

Get to know our work philosophy


We believe in the
We believe in tradition, in that way of taking care of the whole process of elaboration of an excellent extra virgin olive oil, which is now called organic but which has never been made in any other way at the Santo Domingo farm.

We believe in
in agriculture that respects the environment and whose products are respectful of our health. The entire production process of our organic extra virgin olive oil is environmentally friendly.

We believe in the quality. In the production of our organic extra virgin olive oils we seek excellence, which we pursue by means of a careful selection of the best organic olive grovesThe oil is then harvested at its optimum moment and sent to the mill (which is never more than 5 km away), where it is then processed in the mill. cold extraction.

We believe in
. In order for you to enjoy our organic extra virgin olive oil, we have taken care of every detail of the packaging, so that a product elaborated with so much care can be enjoyed from the moment we have it in our hands, everything has been thought to arrive in perfect conditions to yours.

We believe in
. We enjoy what we do so much that we want to share it with you. To this end, we have created LivetheOlive, an organic olive tree sponsorship program that will allow you to be one of the protagonists of Baeturia.